Selected Stories

 David and Matthew

While looking for a suspicious subject in the 4800blk. of the beach, Officer Schleifer and I observed a man and his son who had bicycled to the beach approach with garbage bags in hand. They were identified as David Stresen and his son, Matthew. Due to recent storm activity, the beach was full of seaweed and trash that had washed up. The Stresens began picking up the trash in an effort to help beautify the community. Both were given AC4P bands and David was given the AC4P card with instructions to “pass it on.”


Ponce Inlet resident Ruthanne has an electric mobility scooter that she uses to get around her home. Beth is a good friend that looks after Ruthanne daily. She makes sure Ruthanne is doing well, doesn't need anything, keeps her company, and brings her garbage cans, mail, etc., to her from the street to save her the trips. Ruthanne wishes to recognize Beth Libert for Actively Caring 4 People. Ms. Libert's kindness and caring help keep the community safe and strong. Beth received a blue bracelet today from Sergeant Corey Mead.

Isabella Hennesy & Alexandra Spanos

While on routine patrol Ponce Inlet Officer Brad Craig observed some young children operating a lemonade stand. He stopped and purchased a glass of lemonade and learned that one of the young girls was donating all of her proceeds to a children's hospital to help sick kids and the other girl was donating all of her proceeds to a an animal shelter to help people's injured and sick pets. Officer Craig was touched that children at their young ages would spend all day selling lemonade and willing to donate their earnings to great causes. He explained the AC4P program to them and informed them that in his opinion both of the girls clearly deserved a bracelet for their actions of willing to work and put it towards helping sick children and peoples pets in need. He presented both of the children with a bracelet. The 1st girl is Isabella Hennesy and the 2nd girl is Alexandra Spanos both of Ponce Inlet.
Police Officer Giving Bracelets to Isabella and Alexandra

Kirk H. Stephens

Ponce Inlet resident Kirk H. Stephens noticed a suspicious character loitering in the parking lot of the condominiums where he lives. Realizing that the subject was possibly engaging in criminal activities Mr. Stephens notified authorities and provided a thorough description of the subject and events that occurred. It was later determined that the subject was attempting a car burglary and was scared off when Mr. Stephens took notice of his behavior. Mr. Stephens was given an AC4P wrist band because his concern for his community resulted in the interruption of a possible car burglary and the development of a viable suspect.

Lee & Barbara

"Lee and Barbara deserve this band because they exude caring and kindness towards their neighbors. They have gone out of their way to help our neighbor and have treated him as though he was part of their family. They have given him a new lease on life by getting him services he needed, by making sure he has paid his bills, by making sure his house has electricity and a working refrigerator and most importantly letting him know that someone cares for him. The Ponce Inlet Police are awesome for having this program and in my eyes no one deserves this award more than Lee and Barbara."
Lee and Barbara were awarded blue wristbands and asked to "Pass It On."


Margaret noticed a need at a neighbor's house. She cleaned the neighbor's home from top to bottom. She located new furniture for his home, planted flowers outside, and mowed his yard. Margaret frequently takes him meals, grocery shopping, and to doctor's appointments. She has taken the neighbor to Inlet Harbor on his birthday and most recently to the Garden Club Ice Cream Social. Margaret has dramatically improved the quality of her neighbor's life. We were extremely proud to present Margaret a blue wristband for her selfless acts of kindness.

David & Margot Russell

David and Margot Russell of New Brunswick, Canada donated 2 bicycles to the Ponce Inlet Police Department. The Russell's have donated bikes on several occasions over the past several years after they purchase and use them during their annual month long visit to Ponce Inlet. Corporal Miguel Rodriquez and Officer Gary Schliefer recognized the Russell's generous act of kindness and caring by awarding them a AC4P wrist band. The Russell's stated that they are both looking forward to their opportunity to "pay it forward."

Alan Burnworth

Mr. Alan Burnworth who is a longtime Ponce Inlet resident stopped by the Ponce Inlet Police Department and dropped off some frozen meatballs. He provided enough meatballs for the entire police department. When asked what the occasion was he said it was to show his appreciation. Mr. Burnworth has done this sort of thing in the past and is always very kind and caring toward the town employees. He was provided an AC4P wristband and asked to "Pass It On."