Essential Services Board

The Town Council of the Town of Ponce Inlet is excited to announce the creation of a new advisory board.  The Essential Services Board has been established to research, analyze, and provide recommendations to the Town Council on matters related to police, fire, and public works, as hereby set forth:

  1. Strategic master planning of infrastructure improvements: water, sewer, stormwater, roadways, sidewalks, and streetlighting;
  2. Town operational facility planning;
  3. Capital purchase requests in excess of $50,000 prior to submittal for budget preparation related to the Town’s infrastructure improvements, fleet management, and equipment.  Emergency purchases, as defined in the town’s code, exceeding $50,000 related to infrastructure improvements, fleet management, and equipment need not be reviewed by the board before purchase but shall be reported to the board at its next meeting;
  4. Additions or deletions to operational staffing levels; and
  5. Contracts and interlocal agreements related to the provision of services within these departments.

If you are interested in being of service to the Town on this board and you have experience in the field of Law enforcement, Fire-Rescue & EMS, Engineering, CPA/Finance, or Public Relations/Outreach/Human Resources please complete an application and submit to Peg Hunt, Assistant Deputy Clerk,

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