PIFR department photo

There are three components of the accreditation process for the fire service:

  1. Community Risk Assessment/Standard of Cover (CRA/SOC) 
  2. Fire Department Strategic Plan
  3. Self-Assessment Manual

Even though the process is facilitated by the Center for Public Excellence, all levels of the fire department staff will be involved with the Office Manager being the lead department representative with CPSE.  The CRA/SOC is an invaluable tool for the Town Council, the community, and the fire department in helping paint an objective third -party perspective of the services offered by the fire department, risks to the community, and helping shape future decisions towards staff additions and equipment purchases.  

Community Risk Assessment/Standard of Cover released in May 2023.

Our department has begun the second phase of this process and hope to have that completed by Fall of 2023.

Please contact our Fire Chief, Daniel Scales at 386-322-6720 if you have any questions.

  1. Dan Scales

    Fire Chief

  2. Becky Hugler

    Office Manager